Life Framed Photography by Monique

Contact Name: Monique
Phone: 519-369-8300


Of all the things I could ever do this is something I can honestly say brings me so much joy and feels nothing like work to me! No matter the situation and trust me I have been in a few situations that include dog poop, falling from hay bales and wrecking my shoes, going for a swim with my cell phone, been peed on, hung from a tree and falling out of a tree to name a few. No worries your safety is not in jeopardy mine however....well some of these things have been a real ice breaker!! I love to have fun, laugh and joke that is my style. My shoots are very relaxed and feel less posed and more like a fun outing, I love when its over and everyone says what a great time they have had. I love capturing precious memories for people, I love meeting people, making them laugh and getting to know them. Having people relaxed enough to be themselves is what makes for the greatest shots and the ones people treasure.