Creating your perfect country wedding

Posted: 09 Sep 2015 | tweet share


If you are planning an old fashioned rural country wedding there are many themes that you can incorporate. Even a mixture of themes is appropriate for a country wedding.

It is not unusual for a country wedding to be held on the farm where the bride or groom grew up. One theme idea that is fitting is focusing the wedding on your beloved farm animals. Having the horses you raised or even just rode as a child can make your wedding much more meaningful. In addition to having the horses present during your wedding you can also include a picture of them on your thank you cards and/or the save the date cards.

A retro country themed wedding can also be fun to plan. It’s a great way to get around having to wear a white wedding dress if you don’t want to, as many country weddings with a retro theme are conducive to choosing a pink dress instead. To get the groom in on the fun have him wear any pair of retro suspenders. This theme works particularly well if you are throwing a DIY wedding because you’ll have so many food and décor options.

A cowboy theme is always fitting for a rural country wedding. Everyone in the wedding party can wear their own cowboy boots and hats to complete the occasion. Cowboy boots and hats can also serve as wedding décor as well. This theme calls for some old fashioned country music to be played during the reception.

One great theme idea that is simple yet fun is a sunflower theme. Sunflowers can become part of the bridal party’s hairstyles as well as serve as wedding décor, including table centerpieces.

A barn wedding can be one you and your spouse will never forget. It keeps you out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. Barns are also extremely easy to decorate for a wedding. Hanging some chandeliers from the ceiling will add an extra touch of elegance. Adding lighted branches to the barn’s posts is also a nice touch.

To pamper yourself while still throwing a rural country wedding, you can always choose a country princess theme. It gives you a great excuse to embrace your femininity. A simple braiding of your hair and the placing of a tiara on your head will help you capture the romance of the day. If you aren’t a tiara kind of bride, flowered headbands also fit in well with a country princess themed wedding.

The location of your wedding is important in keeping with the theme. Many of the most creative rural country weddings are held in rustic Bruce County and Grey County. You’ll have a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos and your guests will have breathtaking views on the happiest day of your life.

Whatever theme you choose for your rural country wedding, staying true to the theme will only make your day more special.